Walking Mens Group

Walk, talk, and get energised with South London’s awesome men’s crew.

Want to connect with like-minded men, boost your well-being, and thrive in life, work, and relationships?

“The group brings something out of me that helps me to move on in my life. It gives us men a chance to talk and discuss things and not sit behind closed doors.”

Ray Wilson

Retired Care Professional

If you ask a man “how are you”, most men would say that life is okay. But even the most successful man can feel isolated, overwhelmed, or disconnected in today’s fast-paced world. Rediscover your best self, forge meaningful connections, and embrace personal growth as you walk, talk, and thrive with our awesome men’s crew.

“I enjoy connecting with a group of men who are improving their lives and also helping the younger generation. We debate a diverse range of subjects and focus on making positive changes.”

Larry Martin

Electrical Contractor

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