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Empowering Parents and Carers: Mental Health Workshops by SIRG

At SIRG, we believe in the power of prevention when it comes to mental health. That’s why we’re excited to announce our upcoming series of workshops designed to educate and support parents, carers, families, and friends in understanding mental health, its causes, prevention, and steps towards recovery. With the support of experienced facilitators, our workshops aim to empower our community with knowledge and resources to foster mental well-being and support those in need.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Education and Awareness: Our workshops provide a comprehensive understanding of mental health, including common disorders, symptoms, and risk factors. We aim to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding mental illness, fostering a supportive and empathetic community.
  2. Prevention Strategies: Prevention is indeed better than a cure. We equip participants with practical strategies and techniques to promote mental well-being and prevent the onset of mental health challenges. From stress management to building resilience, our workshops offer valuable tools for proactive mental health care.
  3. Supporting Recovery: For those already experiencing mental health difficulties, our workshops offer insights into recovery pathways and support networks. We guide parents, carers, and friends on how to provide effective support, communicate empathetically, and connect individuals with appropriate resources and services.

Workshop Topics:

  1. Understanding Mental Health: An overview of common mental health disorders, their symptoms, and the impact on individuals and their families.
  2. Causes and Prevention: Exploring the various factors contributing to mental health challenges, including genetics, environment, and life experiences. Participants learn proactive strategies for preventing mental illness and promoting resilience.
  3. Supporting Steps Towards Recovery: Practical guidance on how to support individuals in their journey towards recovery, including effective communication, self-care for carers, and accessing professional help.


Our workshops are led by experienced facilitators with expertise in mental health education and advocacy. They create a safe and supportive environment for participants to engage in open dialogue, share experiences, and learn from one another.


At SIRG, we’re committed to promoting mental well-being and supporting individuals and families affected by mental health challenges. Our workshops offer a valuable opportunity for parents, carers, families, and friends to gain knowledge, skills, and confidence in supporting themselves and their loved ones. Together, we can work towards a community where mental health is prioritized, understood, and supported.

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