Our Additional Projects

Walking Mens Group

Walk, talk, and get energised with South London's awesome men's crew.

Want to connect with like-minded men, boost your well-being, and thrive in life, work, and relationships?

“The group brings something out of me that helps me to move on in my life. It gives us men a chance to talk and discuss things and not sit behind closed doors.”

Ray Wilson

Retired Care Professional

If you ask a man “how are you”, most men would say that life is okay. But even the most successful man can feel isolated, overwhelmed, or disconnected in today’s fast-paced world. Rediscover your best self, forge meaningful connections, and embrace personal growth as you walk, talk, and thrive with our awesome men’s crew.

“I enjoy connecting with a group of men who are improving their lives and also helping the younger generation. We debate a diverse range of subjects and focus on making positive changes.”

Larry Martin

Electrical Contractor

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BLACHIR Lewisham Commission

SIRG has been commissioned to help disseminate the findings of the Birmingham and Lewisham African Caribbean Health Inequalities Review (BLACHIR) that set out to explain the background to health inequalities experienced by our Black African and Black Caribbean communities. We are working tirelessly to connect and engage with key stakeholders within Lewisham and beyond to discuss and influence the opportunities for action set out in the report.

Both Lewisham and Birmingham have well established Black and African communities with Birmingham consisting of 8% of the Black African and Black Caribbean populations in England and 23% of Lewisham’s population is Black African or Black Caribbean (ONS 2011).

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