Advocacy & Support for Primary/Secondary Education & Excluded Pupils

We Provide Primary/Secondary Education Advocates & Support

S.I.R.G aims to provide educational support to parents/carers who are not engaged in the school process. There is sufficient evidence supporting the view that non-engagement of parents leads to the under-performance of young people. Leveraging the wider leadership knowledge and experience of its Directors and volunteers, SIRG offers support that is free at the point of use. This support is developed using existing links with schools and local educational authorities, focusing on those who find difficulty engaging with the school system.

Facing the Challenge: Tackling Disengagement and Inequality in Education for Black Families

Disengagement and limited involvement often result from a lack of information, power, confidence, or prior negative experiences. These factors, alongside structural systems that work against our community, can lead to poor outcomes for children, including underperformance, suspensions, and exclusions. Both issues disproportionately affect Black communities.


Our Approach:

SIRG’s Education Advocates are dedicated to providing an empathetic and understanding voice of support to parents in South London (Southwark) and surrounding boroughs. Our advocates are primarily concerned with the welfare of the child. To effectively address their needs, our aim is to establish, develop, and maintain good working relationships with parents/carers, teachers, headteachers, various educational support staff, and other agencies. As an advocate for the child and parent/carer, your focus will be on meeting their needs, ensuring every child has the opportunity to succeed and thrive in their educational journey.


“I always highly recommend SIRG to all my friends and family, this is the best service parents can get when it comes to helping parents and they children and any other help you may need in UK, when it comes to Education advocacy”

Southwark, Secondary School Parent

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